Leszno Airfield is one of the most convenient places for gliding in the world. Leszno is the only town which has hosted the World Gliding Championships 4 times (1958, 1968, 2003 nad 2014). Open space on three sides at the 126-hectare grass airfield and the nearby sprawling fields make flying safe and comfortable. Leszno Airfield is also well known on great weather conditions, location making it possible to fly long distances within the borders of Poland and many areas suitable for accidental landings (read more).



In order to get current airfield information – please check NOTAM: https://pilotweb.nas.faa.gov/ or contact us by phone: +48 577 215 344.

Location: Leszno – Strzyżewice, Poland
Coordinates (ARP – WGS-84): 51°50’06”N 016°31’19”E
Elevation: 310 ft AMSL
Hours: for more details please contact us by phone: +48 577 215 344
Radio: Leszno Radio 122.305
05R/23L (1320 x 50 m, grass) / main runway
05L/23R (700 x 50 m, grass) / reinforced grass runway
18/36 (940 x 50 m, grass) / under construction – check NOTAM



Maintenance: Available (J&J Team, Rotax service, tel: +48 695 370 701)
Hangerage: Available
Parking: Available
Fuel & Oil: PB95, AVGAS, JET A-1



The following charges are applicable. Landing fee: 1,00 PLN per each 100 kg MTOW. Please note that: parachute, hang-glider, paraglider and moto-paraglider shall be takaes as 100 kg, other aircraft according to manufacturer’s data). For further details please contact the Leszno Airfield Manager +48 577 215 344 or click here to email us. For more details click here.



You will need a permit to enter a restricted access area at Leszno Airfield.

A restricted access area:
Area „0” – puclic area (outside main gate open hours – 20:30-06:00)
Area „1/2” – airside area

How to apply

To apply for the permit, please fill application form available here. If you have any questions please contact the Leszno Airfield Manager +48 577 215 344 or click here to email us. Permits may be granted for a period of up to one year. No fees apply.

Application form instruction:

Step 1
Enter your contact details and select area you apply („0” or „1/2”).

Step 2
If selected area „0” – please specify reason for requesting access (eg. company name located at the airfield or any other reason).
If selected „1/2” – please specify access area and choose main activity at the airflield, than specify your role or profession.

Step 3
Enter the vehicle details (model, registration number, trailer)

Step 4
Accept Leszno Airfield Regulations.



1 Always report your flight intentions (during briefing, direct to the flight operation manager or by phone +48 577 215 344).
2. Don’t park your car in front of the hangars for more than 15 minutes.
3. The yellow line on the ground in front of hangars separates car area from airside.
4. Use the technical roads on airside.
5. On the airside always wear the warning vest, use flasher beacon while driving a car and have radio contact (frequency 122.305).



Next to the Leszno Airfield are located 2 hotels: Achtotu and MO&JA.



Visit official website of City Leszno to learn more about the city, region and attractions.



Please feel free to contact us by phone +48 577 215 344 or click here to send email.